Garrett Muysson is in his fourth year of the bachelor’s degree program, “Craft and Design” at Sheridan College. With a prior education in fines arts, through a program known as “VCA” or “Advanced Visual and Creative arts”. He specializes In Industrial design, where his passion for how things work, and art meet one another. Designing form for function and Biomimicry are two of the main concepts he lives by. Creating and aspiring to create products that will better the state of the planet are some of the goals that inspire Garrett's interests in industrial design. With a great interest in technology, motorsports, sound devices, being at the forefront of design has always been of great interest to him. As a single father Garrett hopes to create a better world for his daughter and other children. By growing through constant mistakes and pressures he hopes to leave behind a better road map for his daughter to live by. For there is no success without struggle.