Design Hub 

Design Concept/Development


We explored a variety of references and connections to the theme Mobility and through brainstorming and mind maps looked at ways in which we could best depict the theme.  A discussion we had about the accessibility of information and the movement or mobility of ideas between the Craft and Design Studios within Sheridan became the genesis of our eventual concept.  Departing from the point that craftspeople can always benefit from the design inspiration and technical knowledge of their peers, we applied the same reasoning to the Sheridan Studios.

Each studio’s micro-community acquires and executes a massive amount of formal knowledge as well as tacit knowledge and learning that produces great work each year.  As our discussions progressed further, we agreed that the problem statement we were coming up with was:


“What space could the Craft and Design students use for design networking and what would the elements of such a space look like? “

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